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How To Think, Not What To Think

As with all good educational materials, Project WILD is concerned with providing information as well as helping students evaluate choices and make responsible decisions. In short, Project WILD's mission is to help students learn how to think, not what to think, about wildlife and the environment. All curriculum materials are backed by sound educational practices and theory and represent the work of many within the fields of education and natural resource management from across the country.

Project WILD’s core curriculum resources include the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide as well as the Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, which focuses on aquatic wildlife and ecosystems. Spanish-language versions of activities from both of these guides can be found in Proyecto WILD.

Also available is Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife, which serves as a guide to engaging students with service learning and environmental issues. Taking Action, which was developed in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund, also provides inspiration and practical models for involving students in environmental action projects.  

The most recent addition to Project WILD is Growing Up WILD, an activity guide for educators of children aged 3-7 that aims to connect young children with nature and the outdoors.

More information on these and other Project WILD materials can be found at the links to the right.


How To Get Materials

Project WILD’s core curricular materials, the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, the Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, and Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife, are NOT for sale. These guides are distributed free of cost to participants at Project WILD workshops. These workshops are offered by certified leaders and supported by a network of sponsoring state, national, and international agencies.

Other Project WILD materials are for sale and can be purchased at our online store. For more information about workshops and ordering Project WILD materials, visit Get WILD.

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