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Two Decades of Research Reveals Project WILD's Effectiveness

Since 1983, at least 40 studies at the national and state level have evaluated Project WILD activities and materials.

Recent research continues to illustrate that educators use Project WILD because they believe in its value. Project WILD has a positive impact on student knowledge about wildlife, and exposure to Project WILD activities has a positive impact on the attitudes of students towards wildlife and the constructs of wildlife.

The ongoing evaluation of the program indicates that teachers are impressed by the interactive nature of the activities and believe there is value in both the materials and the training. Additionally, educators see the applicability of WILD activities in meeting rigorous educational standards.

"The Project WILD activities I choose meet my state, district, and National Science Standards. Also, activities are interdisciplinary, so I can teach math, science, social studies and reading all in one activity." - Teacher comment

To download a copy of "A Summary of Research Findings 1983-1995 and 1996-2003," click here.

***New - Growing Up WILD Evaluation:Building Capacity for Early Childhood Education with Diverse Audiences

Ongoing Evaluations

In light of the requirements for research-based programming outlined by NCLB, evaluations of Project WILD are conducted on a continuous basis.

If you have an evaluation not included in our Evaluation Library, feel free to share them with us by sending an email to

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