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NEW! Project WILD K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide

Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide

Proyecto WILD

Science & Civics: Sustaining Wildlife Student Pages

Prior edition student pages:

 Project WILD K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide - 3rd edition, 2017

Project WILD Aquatic K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide


Supplemental Resources

The following resources, designed to accompany Project WILD curriculum guides, may be downloaded from the links provided below.

Additional Resources [Google Doc]

This document contains links to all the additional resources for a given Project WILD activity, including In Step with STEM and WILD Work online resources. Note that we are using this file temporarily as we build the components for our new webpages at

Activity List with Revision Categories and Title Changes

New Activity Summary

Addendum to the Fourth Edition (Important Edits)

Digital Mapping Tutorial [PDF, 6.84 MB]

This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the Project WILD activity "Raindrops and Ranges."

School Outdoor Lighting Audit Guide [PDF, 888KB]

This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the Project WILD activity "Lights Out!"

Habitat Cards for "Migration Headache" Activity [PDF, 32 KB]

"Migration Headache" (on pages 15-18 of the Project WILD Aquatic K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide) engages students in a simulation of migrating water birds traveling between nesting habitats and wintering grounds.

Lesson Planning Worksheet [PDF, 9 KB]

This planning aid provides space for notes under the following headings: Standards, Themes or units, Project WILD Activities, Grade(s), Materials, Adaptations, enrichments, field trips, and local resources.

Using Simulations for Instructional Purposes

An educational simulation is an instructional activity that models aspects of the real world to teach one or more concepts. Simulations—especially those that involve students in
kinesthetic learning experiences—are used frequently in Project WILD.


Technology Connections

Many activities in the Project WILD and Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guides include technology or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) connections. These connections will encourage students to use the Internet, a variety of computer software, video recording equipment, probeware, and other technologies while learning about wildlife or sharing what they've discovered. These connections are included with the activity in current editions, but those with earlier editions of the Project WILD Guides can download the Technology Connections by clicking the links below.


 Project WILD K-12 Technology Connections [PDF 78 KB)

 Project WILD Aquatic Technology Connections [PDF 81 KB]


Topical Links

Following are links for educators by topic area corresponding to the Project WILD conceptual framework. These links can also be accessed through the online Learning Framework.

Aquatic Education

Awareness and Appreciation

 Conservation and Research

Ecological Principles

Responsible Action

Species Information

Urban and Multicultural

Wildlife Habitat


NAAEE - EE Linked

NAAEE has a new information and networking site - EELinked.

More than a searchable catalog of internet links about environmental education, EE linked is a global community of environmental educators. Here you can easily find and download EE materials, post your own content, ask questions, share lesson plans and resources, and find and collaborate with EE partners. Tell your story to environmental educators, share your successes, comment on EE resources, and build on each other's program ideas.

Part of this network is the Guidelines for Excellence. The Guidelines for Excellence network is meant to be a one-stop site to learn about the Guidelines, download documents, and share information.

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Learning Framework

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